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Community Commerce Center Defined

A Community Commerce Center provides a common workplace environment for office workers from multiple employers on a seat by seat basis. In the workspace environment each of the office workers receives a workspace that would be equivalent to workspace the worker would find in most major corporate work environments. In addition, most Community Commerce Centers would provide on-premises amenities such as parking, food service, daycare, exercise facility, walk-in clinic, and learning center. The Community Commerce Center provides computer, telephone and Internet access services for each worker station located within the facility. Computer services would include dynamic system backup, basic office software, including operating system, and Internet service. Private individual telephone service is provided at the desk of each office worker. Internet service provides secured individual IP (Internet Protocol) for each office worker. Individual office workers cannot occupy a seat at a Community Commerce Center unless their home residence is less than 3-5 mile radius of the center depending on the local density of centers. Workers living beyond the center service area would not be eligible for a seat at the facility.

There are two defining features for each Community Commerce Center. First, each office worker occupying a seat at the center workspace must live within a maximum of a 3-5 mile radius from the center. Community Commerce Center planning is focused on the goal of cutting a worker's daily one way commute at least in half leaving the worker with a maximum commute of 3-5 miles. Second, multiple employers each have employees using Community Commerce Center workspace based on the proximity of each worker's residence to the Community Commerce Center. Employers utilize the services available at multiple Community Commerce Centers to accommodate the workspace needs for the maximum number of its employees working within 3-5 miles of other Community Commerce Centers. The net effect is that an employer may require the services of multiple Community Commerce Centers at various locations to accommodate the workspace for all of its employees seeking to work from a Community Commerce Center rather than from a single central corporate location in a community where the distance traveled by each worker is greater than 3-5 miles.

One other aspect of the Community Commerce Centers workplace is that their implementation also creates a carbon project that generate carbon credits under the concept of additionality not only because the implementation of the Community Commerce Centers use green building standards in the construction of Community Commerce Centers but also because the creation of Community Commerce Centers is considered a non-traditional business solution. Of course, the direct fuel savings generated by the fact that employees are much closer to their workplace is an added bonus.

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