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Less Expense In Getting To Workplace - In cutting the commute in half or more workers realize not only a significant fuel savings but also the savings in general upkeep and maintenance for the vehicle used to drive from home to the workplace.

Less Stress In Getting To Workplace - In cutting the commute in half or more workers will arrive at their workplace less stressed and more relaxed. In areas where road conditions are hazardous due to poor weather the stress reduction would be more significant. The major side benefit of the reduced stress in getting to the workplace is that workers become more productive on the job.

Closer To Home - In being closer to home it becomes easier to get back home in the event of a home emergency. This would be especially beneficial for working parents. With available daycare at each Community Commerce Center it also becomes much easier for working mothers to stay in the workforce during early child rearing years.

Ability To Relocate Residence - Employees working at a Community Commerce Center would realize that they can relocate their residence based on lifestyle factors without fear of losing employment. This benefit would be especially interesting for workers that were born and raised outside the traditional commute range of a larger city. In addition, the benefit of being able to work in a hometown enables workers to remain close to family.

Ability To Have Two Income Household - Employees working at a Community Commerce Center would be able to enjoy the benefits of a two income household without fear that one income might be lost when other income source is changed due to advancement.

Opportunity For Expanded Benefits - Employees working at a Community Commerce Center would have access to facilities and benefits that might otherwise be available only to workers employed by large corporations. These facilities would include such things as on-premise cafeteria, daycare, exercise facility, and walk-in medical clinic. In addition, employees will have access to continuing education opportunities.

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