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Employee Productivity - Employers placing their employees at Community Commerce Centers would realize a significant boost in employee productivity if for no other reason than the employee would arrive each day without having been through a stressful commute. Employee productivity would also be realized as employees utilize facility amenities that might not have been available at the original workplace.

Cost Of Providing Workspace - Employers placing their employees at Community Commerce Centers would realize a significant savings in the true cost of providing employee workspace. Employers would be able to focus completely on their core business without being required to also provide such things as computer support and all other facility related infrastructure. The cost of providing all facility support infrastructure would be combined in the per employee expense for occupying a spot at a Community Commerce Center. While the cost per employee might vary slightly based on the exact location and size of a Community Commerce Center the employer would be obligated to pay individual employee placement costs for a Community Commerce Center only as long as each individual employee utilized the Community Commerce Center facilities. Employees currently employed in support infrastructure positions at a workplace requiring a commute would have the opportunity to take similar positions at Community Commerce Center near their residence without loss of any work time. The savings generated by such employee transfers would be significant for employers without producing any hardships for support infrastructure staff.

Recruitment Costs - Employer recruitment costs would drop significantly because employers would not need to worry about the costs related to long distance interviewing and creating incentives that would lure an employee to move from one location to another. In addition, employee objections associated with the impact on employee family members would be virtually eliminated because moving from one employer to another would not require a relocation. Interviewing for new hires could take place at any Community Commerce Center through use of on-premise video conferencing equipment.

Relocation Costs - Employer relocation costs would be virtually eliminated for any employee that could take a position working from a Community Commerce Center. The net effect would be that a significant or total elimination in total relocation costs associated with expanding or replacing a workforce would transfer either to the realization that each employee could be afforded an increased income or the employer could realize increased profitability. As a growing number of employee positions move from the traditional workplace environment to a Community Commerce Center, even the costs of relocating an employee based on an internal promotion would be reduced because in virtually all cases employee job descriptions would be increasingly based on what an employee does within the organization rather than where they perform their work within the organization. The topology for each employee's work remains unchanged regardless of the employee's physical location and residence because the underlying infrastructure related to the work remains unchanged. The benefit of a nearby Community Commerce Center is also important when an employer is engaged in the process of recruiting new employees because prospective employees can be interviewed using the video conferencing facilities at any Community Commerce Center regardless of whether or not the individual employer has an employee working a the interview location.

Employee Retention - Employers with employees working in Community Commerce Centers would realize improved employee retention because each benefit realized by employees increases their overall satisfaction with their employment.

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