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Local Government

In all local governments there would be less demand for new roads. Existing roads would last longer because there would be less traffic. Implementation of Community Commerce Centers provides the ability to build communities where access to employment is not a factor. Small communities would have as much opportunity to provide workspace for workers as would larger communities. The growth supported by full utilization of existing and new facilities and residential housing, which enables the creation of new jobs in every community. The implementation of Community Commerce Centers would create new sources of property tax revenue regardless of whether the Community Commerce Center is created from existing construction that may be on the property tax rolls at an undervalued rate or for new construction. These new revenues from both the actual implementation of the Community Commerce Center, the new jobs created to support the Community Commerce Center, and the workers attracted to the Community Commerce Center can be utilized to provide a better quality of life for all residents of the communities served. The major long term benefit for local governments is that their local economy will no longer be handicapped simply because an industry moves away from the community, which enables local government to establish planning for a much longer period of time.

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