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Mall Implementation

There are many abandoned or underutilized malls located throughout the United States and the rest of the world. These mall locations make good opportunities for conversion to a Community Commerce Center because they not only have ample space for workers but also ample parking and in most cases a built-in food court. In addition, the original objective in creating the mall was to provide an enclosed shopping venue located near a suburban population center. The key architectural features of most mall locations include space for what would have been up to four or five two-level department stores, up to one and sometimes two hundred additional smaller spaces for smaller national, regional, and local retail stores, a central food court, and a central support services area. Many malls may also include a theater multiplex. All of the stores, food court area, theater area, and support service area are connected wide enclosed walkways featuring information booths, small recreation areas for children, some small seating areas, and in many cases small specialty kiosk shops. In converting a mall location to a Community Commerce Center workplace areas would be created from areas set aside for department stores, which would usually be located at the ends of mall walkways, and the larger of other areas set aside for retail stores. Smaller spaces originally set aside for retail stores would be utilized either as locations for spaces for ancillary services such as daycare, health club, and walk-in clinic. The food court might have to be converted from what was originally small and individual speciality food venues to a more traditional food service cafeteria setup found in many large corporate office settings, but in some cases the original layout might work well providing it is feasible to sustain a wide variety of individual speciality food venues. It is unlikely that all of the screens from a theater multiplex would be of use for large meetings or other community events, but the excess space could be either converted to use for service and support activities or potentially left untouched to serve as a theater multiplex for the neighborhood. The interior walkways could remain virtually without modification, except that these walkways might also be utilized as an indoor running and walking track. The original service and support areas for the mall location could be used without the need for much conversion, but some or many of the original non-department store designated stores would need to be converted to house communication and data support equipment for the Community Commerce Center. The conversion would also need to allow for the addition of equipment to provide security for the complex.



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