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Central Business District Office Building Implementation

The first observation many critics of the Community Commerce Center system note is that in creating Community Commerce Centers in suburban and other outlying areas the existing central business districts in cities will be totally obsoleted. While it is true that many of the workers moving to a Community Commerce Center location will be relocating their workplace from a central business district location it is incorrect to assume that the central business district is going to fall into a state of decay. Actually the conversion of existing single-use buildings in the central business district to use as Community Commerce Centers will add life to the central business district as a place to both live and work. In many large cities the central business district is a ghost town after normal business hours. In converting single-use buildings located in the central business district to use as a Community Commerce Center as part of a multi-use building the conversion takes on the form of what might be called a pre-arcology, which means that the building serves as a self-contained living community. The actual conversion from a single-use building to a multi-use building containing a Community Commerce Center would be much like that of a mall conversion with the addition of residential units. Considering that many of the world's largest cities already have a large population living in either multi-use buildings or single-use residential buildings in a purely urban environment it is quite appropriate that other smaller cities make the leap to such usage for their central business district.

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