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Community Commerce Centers provide a systemic solution for the problem of reducing the energy cost of getting workers to their workplace, which reduces greenhouse emissions while also reducing taxes that would otherwise be used for infrastructure construction and the cost of reducing roadway congestion. In addition, Community Commerce Centers provide the opportunity for increased growth in commercial and residential construction not only in larger metropolitan population areas but also smaller population areas. Employers using Community Commerce Centers can reduce their cost of providing a workplace for employees and reduce recruitment and relocation expenses while increasing employee productivity, morale and retention. In addition, employers create carbon credits through their participation with Community Commerce Centers because the Community Commerce Center system would qualify as a carbon project. The environment further benefits from the use of green building standards specified in the construction of new Community Commerce Centers and the conversion of properties for use as Community Commerce Centers. Individuals working within a Community Commerce Center environment reduce their daily commute, which provides savings in fuel costs, reduce the stress associated with longer commutes, increase productivity on the job, and increase time with family. In addition, Community Commerce Centers provide additional resources for workers such as on-premises food service, daycare, exercise facility, walk-in clinic, and learning center. Community Commerce Center implementation creates an opportunity to not only significantly improve the workplace environment for workers while affording them with a much shorter commute, which produces a significant fuel savings that contributes to a reduction in greenhouse gases but also in opening Community Commerce Centers thousands of new jobs are created, which could very well recession-proof the world economy for at least the next two to three decades.

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