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State and National governments receive benefit in many ways, but one of the major benefits would be that there would be less demand for new roads and related infrastructure. In addition, the creation of Community Commerce Centers would produce less unemployment because each new Community Commerce Center creates additional jobs not only to support Community Commerce Centers but also to support the expansion of commercial businesses surrounding each Community Commerce Center. Also, the implementation of each new Community Commerce Center produces increased opportunities to provide workplace training. All new revenues and activity within the communities serviced by new Community Commerce Centers can be put to use in providing a better quality of life for all residents. The combined impact of Community Commerce Center implementations is that the local economy becomes essentially recession-proof.

At all levels utilization of Community Commerce Centers increases the effective fuel efficiency for motor vehicles by a factor equal to the mileage savings for each worker going to a Community Commerce Center close to their residence rather than to workplace that is beyond the 3-5 mile range they would be traveling to Community Commerce Center. If the worker's commute is cut in half and they are able to reach their workplace based on the highway estimate for fuel efficiency rather than city or combined estimate for fuel efficiency, the effective fuel economy is doubled, which means that the effective fleet fuel economy would also be effectively doubled. Thus, workers would be able to continue using existing vehicles until such time as newer technologies using renewable fuel sources can be fully developed and available for mass distribution.

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