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The Community Commerce Center system provides a completely new way of looking at how to provide a workplace for employees while creating a mechanism providing the means to not only enable workers to enjoy a better quality of life but also reduce the demand for fossil fuels and generation of greenhouses. The Community Commerce Center system can be implemented on a worldwide scale providing all countries to participate not only in saving the environment while providing a better solution for bringing worker and job together in a way that enhances the quality of life for all workers but also in generating a work solution that virtually ensures that the world economy remains recession-proof over a period of at least two to three decades. The fact that there can be full implementation of Community Commerce Centers on a worldwide scale using existing technologies means that there are no barriers to launching the implementation due to the lack of technology to make the system work successfully. The implementation of Community Commerce Centers produces jobs immediately at each implementation location. The spread of Community Commerce Center locations provides an opportunity for communities to realize expansion of their economy without bearing the burden building infrastructure that would serve only to create an increased demand for fossil fuels along with the concomitant increase in greenhouse gases. The savings in resources coupled with the increased worker productivity brought about through Community Commerce Center implementation provides the potential that additional resources can be applied to the development of new technologies that will further serve to diminish the damage done to the environment on a global basis. Beyond the climate change and economic benefits provided by implementation of the Community Commerce Center system is the additional significant benefit of establishing a clear and close connection between the community environment and work environment, which not only improves and enhances the role of family life but also improves and enhances the overall satisfaction all workers have with their work situation. Over time there will be an increasing number of work positions that would be appropriate for placement at a Community Commerce Center, and the manufacturing sector of world economies will find an increasing number of opportunities to implement analogs of the Community Commerce Center within a manufacturing environment.

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