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Whether you have been using the Internet for years or for just the past few months everybody is sure to find new Internet resources every day.  One of the most rapidly expanding categories of Internet resources is the category that includes career resources.  Included in this Careers section are job site websites, relocation resources, and staffing agencies.  Recruiting and executive search firms have been included under the staffing agency subsection.

While it costs nothing to have a website included in these webpages inclusion is by no means automatic upon request.  To be listed a website must not only provide a real resource but also provide a professional web experience for visitors.  Thus, websites that provide poor service to their clients (both employers and/or candidates), poorly designed websites or websites that provide no real content will not be included.

Included on this webpage is a set of links that do not easily fit into the other categories.  Links included on this webpage include industry association websites and a broad general interest career related websites.  You might also want to visit the Finance/Loan section.

Contact the webmaster to recommend a website for listing on these pages.



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