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Internet Survey  

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Internet Survey From Mauneel Desai

Mauneel Desai is an Expert for the Internet & the Web question board at the website.  As a part of of a project in his PG Diploma in Information Technology he wishes to have input for the following survey.  All responses are sent directly to him for inclusion in the survey results for his project.  When the project is completed he may also want to share the results with each participant.  Mauneel Desai will greatly appreciate your assistance.

 Please Submit Your Responses Only Once - Thank You.

1. List your top 5 favorite websites:
2. How often do you visit these site?
3. How many hours do you spend on the Internet in a month?
4. Do you have -
5. Do you spend more time online at home or at work?
6. Are you addicted to the Net?   Yes   No

If you checked Yes, answer the following:)
Have your friends and relatives notices significant changes in you since you became addicted to the Net?   Yes     No 

Have you become less of a social person, since addiction began?   Yes     No 
7. Do you refer to Technology/Computer/Internet Magazines?   Yes     No 

Which ones?
8. Which technology sites do you often refer to?  (List any)
9. What type of Internet Connection do you use?  (Check All That Apply)
Dial-up     Cable     DSL     ASDL     ISDN     Other 
10. Do you have your own website?   Yes     No 
11. What are the advantages of the Internet according to you?  (5 or less)
12. What are the disadvantages of the Internet?  (5 or less)
13. Which are the most useful software programs that you have downloaded from the Internet till now?  (any 5 or less)
14. Do you use Instant Messaging?   Yes     No 

(If you checked Yes, answer the following:)
Which Instant Messaging do you use?
15. From which country are you?  

What is your age?       What is your sex?   Male     Female 

What is your name?   (Optional)


Thank You For Your Assistance & Cooperation.


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