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Paid URL Submission Techniques

As indicated on the web promotion basics webpage, there are two (2) main ways to submit a website URL to search engines where there is a fee involved.   To recap those two (2) methods are as follows:

bulletYou can use the services of a paid website URL submission service.  The cost of these services ranges from less than US$30.00 to well over US$100.00 each time they perform the service.  Since website URL submission is something that should be done on a fairly regular basis, most experienced webmasters feel that paid website URL submission services are both over priced and not necessary.

bulletYou can purchase your own website URL submission software that will enable you to not only submit your website URL to more than one thousand (1,000) search engines, directories, and link lists but also afford you the opportunity to add additional search engines to the submission routines that may not already be included.   One of the best such programs is SubmitWolf Pro, which also provides free update scripts to ensure that your website URL submission software is always current.  This is probably the best solution for anyone really serious about wanting to promote their website URL on a regular basis.  The cost of the software is less than US$100.00, and you can add a number of specialized search engine packs.

The table below lists a representative sampling of such URL submission services that charge a fee for their services.  You can find other services listed with various webmaster resources centers.

Service Description
!Register-It! The !Register-It! site provides a URL submission subscription service that will regularly submit your website URL to 400 search engines.  The annual cost of the service is US$39.99 for one (1) URL.
Cyberstrider At Cyberstrider you can purchase a service that will have your website URL submitted to 800 search engines.   Cyberstrider will also register your website with both the SafeSurf and Recreational Software Advisory Council for the Internet (RSACi), which will give your website a content rating.
Inktomi 48 Hour Inclusion into Inktomi Powered Search Engines
SubmitIt! SubmitIT! will submit your website URL to search engines you select from their listing of 400 search engines and directories.  The base cost of their service is US$59.00 per year.
Service Description

Additional website URL submission services will be added over time.  If you find a valuable service, please let me know about it.


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