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This Online Shopping Resource area is included for a couple of reasons other than to provide visitors with a place to find interesting things to buy on the Internet.  

Each shopping area shown above provides not only a place to find interesting items available on the Internet but also ideas on how anyone can add to the revenue from their website by including their own links to Internet shopping resources.   Many of the companies listed in this shopping resource provide excellent Affiliate Programs that afford the Affiliate with very attractive commissions just for referring customers to the associated Affiliate web store.  Also, some of the Affiliate Programs provide for a two-tier source of income, which means that someone can earn money not only from their own direct sales but also from the sales of individuals that become an Affiliate for the company after linking to the sponsoring website from their Affiliate website.

Adding an online shopping resource to a website is always a good way to expand the money producing opportunities for the website.

Of course, some of the items presented in the online shopping areas do not offer any Affiliate Program, but are included simply because they are items that may be of interest to you.  Please take a few minutes to explore the various shopping areas.

The Books shopping area provides detail on several books that may be of interest to anyone interested in building a successful Internet presence.

As an Internet Technologist that is already using a computer and working to build a successful presence online you surely know that your computer needs never seem to be quite complete.  There is always something to upgrade or update, and it surely seems that the process will never end.

The Hardware area includes shopping links for factory built name brand systems, printers, monitors, MODEMS, and a wide selection of system level components such as hard drives, graphic cards, memory, and motherboards.

The Software area includes shopping links for a wide variety of popular name brand software packages plus a selection of web development tools and aids.  Some of the web development tools and aids are from smaller companies that do not have a presence in your local Best Buy or CompUSA store.




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