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In creating and maintaining a successful web presence it is necessary to assemble a collection of web tools that include not only the tools necessary to create a successful web presence but also the tools necessary to promote and maintain that web presence once established.

Here is a summary of what information is contained under each category in this section.

The Domain Names webpage presents information on domain names and where to register a domain name.

The Design Services webpage presents section by section information on the basic content that should be included on any website.  The webpage also includes significant information on what to avoid when looking for a web designer, a listing of web design services to consider, and a comparison of some options for creating a web presence.

The Content webpage provides some examples of content that can be easily included with virtually any type of website. Speaking of content, a Shopping section provides additional content for virtually any type of website while also giving the website owner an additional source of revenue.  As an example of how a shopping section can add content and value to a website please visit the Shopping section, which includes links to information on computer hardware, computer software, Internet related books.

The Promotion webpage contains valuable information on how to promote a website once it has been launched.  Also included under the Web Promotion is a set of two webpages presenting free and paid methods of submitting website URLs using submission services and software.  Under the free webpage is a set of nearly 450 links that can be used to submit website URLs at absolutely no charge.  Finally, the Web Promotion area includes basic information on the USENET (Newsgroups) and how to use newsgroups to build a web presence.

Anybody using the Internet and especially anyone seeking to be successful with a website should take the time to read the e-business article included in this section.  The article takes only a few minutes to read, but it provides an excellent summary of our future.

The Access webpage presents information on Internet access methods that are developing plus links to two very popular alternatives to AOL.

The Resources webpage contains not only a listing of significant webmaster resources websites on the Internet but also several additional webpages that lists links to targeted webmaster development topics including Design, Domain NamesGraphics, HTML, Search Engines, and Web Magazines.  There is also a webpage for Miscellaneous resources such as dictionaries, grammar, and translations.  One very interesting Design resource is a set of two webpages that list all Web Safe Colors and a set of Web Color Pallet Tables.

The Tutorials webpage contains a listing of twenty-six (26) categories of tutorials on topics including, E-Commerce, Web Marketing, Web Development, FrontPage, Dreamweaver, XML, and others.  All of the tutorials are free.



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